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Motivational Speaker



Self-Empowerment – Success Doesn’t Come To You, You Go Get It

Drug and Gang Prevention – Find Yourself, and Be That!

Money Management & Investing – Don’t work for money, work for freedom

Family and Friends Awareness – If you can’t change the people around you, change the people around you!

Living a New Normal – Don’t Fear failure... Turn every set back into a set up for your purpose.


Life Development Series

Five characteristics of a Man.

Powerful series for men of all ages that will force you to self evaluate your purpose and decisions in life.

Man to Man sessions are held in small group settings to encourage open and honest dialogue.


The Visionary of Focus 21

Terrance Berry is a motivational speaker with 10 years of public speaking performances.  His has owned several businesses, mostly legal, and has had many great life experiences. But unfortunately, among the many successes, he has suffered many lows from bad decisions, disloyal friends, and a system that was designed to destroy our people. While many may have allowed these low points to define them, Terrance has chosen to use his life story to inspire youth to be focused, creative and authentic in their quest for success. 

His approach is honest and blunt and he is willing to answer any question that you have about his life and his key to success. 

Terrance believes that inspiration is not just what he does, IT IS WHO HE IS! He has channeled his life experiences into powerful, life changing sessions that will inspire, motivate and challenge audiences of all ages to find their identity and own it. He is unapologetic about the lessons that he has learned and serves as a voice of reason and encouragement to many.